Fresh wind from northern Germany

After 30 years of successful corporate management, Jörg Freitag has gained support in the management of Rellinger Behrens Feinwerktechnik GmbH, setting the course for the future. On 01.06.2018 Philipp Steinke and Steffen Friedrichs were appointed to the management. At the side of Mr. On Friday, the new members of the management team will continue their expansion into new business fields and markets. Strategically and personally, Behrens Feinwerktechnik has been breaking new ground since June 2018. As a proven success engine, the quality promise, reliability and workforce remain untouched despite all changes. On the contrary, there is a fresh wind in terms of the digitization of production, the expansion of strategic partnerships and the expansion of the customer base - nationwide as well as thematically.

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